Writesonic Launches New Plan: 20% Cheaper Than ChatGPT

Writesonic introduces a new plan that costs only $16 per month, which is 20% cheaper than ChatGPT.

Writesonic, a world-renowned AI content creation platform, has launched its new ‘Unlimited Plan’, offering unprecedented affordability and superior AI writing features.

Introducing Writesonic Unlimited Plan

Writesonic has a new pricing plan called Unlimited which costs $16 per month and allows for unlimited content generation.

This plan is 20% cheaper than ChatGPT and provides a seamless experience in creating high-quality content for just $16 per month when opting for an annual plan.

Website Url: https://writesonic.com/pricing

The Unlimited Plan lets you use Writesonic’s AI writer, Chatsonic conversational AI bot, Botsonic AI chatbot builder, Photosonic AI image generator, and more than 100 other AI content templates.

This tool allows users to create various types of content including articles, blog posts, emails, social media content, images and creatives with just one easy command.

Features of Unlimited Plan

  • Unlimited Writesonic words
  • Chatsonic: ChatGPT-like chatbot
  • 100+ AI Templates
  • AI Article Writer
  • Browser extensions
  • 1-Click WordPress Export
  • Zapier Integration
  • Landing Page Generator
  • Sonic Editor (Google Docs like Editor)
  • Brand Voice (Up to 3)
  • Complete Article Rewriter

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Writsonic’s mission has always been to make AI-powered content creation accessible and affordable.

The new Unlimited Plan and enhancements to its Business and Pro plans deliver on that promise.

Users of these plans will now enjoy double the premium words in each payment plan, allowing for even more flexibility and freedom in creating content.

This new plan offers businesses unparalleled access to Writesonic’s cutting-edge GPT-4 and GPT-4 32K powered features.

These include the revolutionary AI Article Writer 5.0, Botsonic, an effortless AI chatbot builder akin to ChatGPT, Brand Voice, API, and an array of other remarkable features.

By leveraging these tools, businesses can elevate their content marketing and boost engagement to unprecedented heights.


Writsonic’s commitment to innovation and quality has cemented its position as the world’s best AI Writer and Generative AI platform.

With these new offerings, Writesonic continues to redefine the landscape of AI-powered content creation, making it more accessible, affordable, and efficient than ever before.

You can now try out Writesonic for free with this new plan.

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