Botsonic Features, Review, Pricing and Free Demo

Botsonic is a user-friendly custom chatbot builder by Writesonic.

It allows anyone to create a no-code, ChatGPT-like chatbot using their own data.

The chatbot can be easily integrated into a website using an embedded code or API key.

Botsonic utilizes the latest NLP-based technology and can be trained on your knowledge base, providing an ever-evolving user experience.

Try Botsonic:

Botsonic: No-Code AI Chatbot Builder

9 out of 10

Botsonic improves your customer support with integrated platform integration, customizable branding, and advanced chat analysis and optimization for better engagement and satisfaction.

Build Custom Chatbots
9 out of 10
Make chatbots without coding using your own information by using AI technology.
Seamless Integration
9 out of 10
You can effortlessly incorporate the chatbot into your website or application.
Flexible Branding Options
9 out of 10
You can personalize the chatbot’s branding to match your brand’s visual identity.
Custom-Trained on Your Data
9 out of 10
Improve chatbot’s responses by training it with your data.


Easy-to-use AI chatbot with a free trial plan

Flexible branding options

Seamless integration, and analyze the chats to improve.


Creates chatbots for only your data

Complex pricing as you scale

Botsonic Free Demo Video

Discover how to easily train your data on Botsonic AI chatbot without requiring any coding by watching this free demo video.

How to Use Botsonic?

To use Botsonic, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a Botsonic account easily using the Writesonic web application.
  2. Upload your data, help docs, or product information to train the AI chatbot.
  3. Customize your chatbot by setting your brand name, colours, logo, and chatbot picture.
  4. Save your settings and receive a unique embed script and API key.
  5. Integrate the personalized AI chatbot into your website using the embed code or API key.

That’s it! You can now start using your custom AI chatbot created with Botsonic on your website.

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  1. Jalpesh Mehta Avatar
    Jalpesh Mehta

    Hi, We are looking for to conduct a POC of BotSonic integration with Slack or FreshService Desk to cater IT support business use case. Kindly let us know your availability to have a call

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